About Me

Prime Things About Me:

 2. I was born in 1992. 
 3. I’m 5’11". 
 5. I have an elder sister and elder brother.
 7. I read books which catch my attention. 
 11. I do what I love to do & I do it obsessively. 

13. I am a good listener. 
17. I can spend days doing nothing but thinking.
I am insanely interested about Geeks and their stuff.
23. I love to under promise and over deliver. 
29. One thing that I can't imagine is Infinity.

31. I seek perfection in almost everything I do.
37. If I like You then You can’t annoy me easily.
41. My curiosity is something that’s insatiable. 
I love well designed efficient software's and robots.
47. I believe in My instincts.

53. I like to solve puzzles.
59. I watch TED talks a lot.
I love Ayn Rand, Wangari Maathai & Katy Perry.
67. I admire Tesla, Edison, Gates, Borlaug & Nolan .
71. Between ( 3.30 - 5.30 ) AM, I wake up daily without alarm.
73. I don’t read newspapers but I scan lot of blogs daily.
79. I am not a fast cuber, but I can solve a Rubik cube.  
83. I can live without PC & Mobile if I want.
89. I love Rasam Annam.
97. If you tickle me I am not responsible for Your injuries

101. I believe that “People who love what they do simply do it better than people who are “just doing their job”! 
103. I don’t change my bio often but I make sure that it’s up-to-date.

Get social with me.

I am active on Twitter rarely go to twitter @ChillarAnand.
I occasionally hangout on Google Plus +Anand.
I rarely go to facebook deleted my facebook account Anand


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