Thursday, September 26, 2013

[images] 7 Best Start Up Quotes By Famous Entrepreneurs You Will Love!

7 Best Start Up Quotes By Famous Entrepreneurs You Will Love! 

Want to start a company, just remember these amazing things said by great entrepreneurs. It is ok to feel low as long as You dont give up. I found some amazing and great start up quotes from here.

" It's okay to doubt yourself, it's okay to fee down; just never give up."
- Arron Patzer
Founder, Mint

" Get big quietly, so you don't trip off your potential competitors. "
- Chris Dixon
Co-founder, Hunch.

" Don't worry about failure, you only have to be right once. "
- Drew Houston
Co-founder, Dropbox

" You can't learn in school what world is going to do next year. "
- Henry Ford
Founder, Ford

" There's nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team. "
- Jason Fried
Founder, 37Signals

" If You can't feed a team with two pizzas, it's too large. "
- Jeff Bezos
Founder, Amazon

" We are currently not planning on conquering the world. "
- Sergey Brin
Co-founder, Google

Finally one more quote by Seth Godin...
" Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress. "
- Seth Godin
Founder, Squidoo


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